MP Leon Perera

Mr Leon Perera asked the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance following the Ministry’s 2012 and 2015 papers on Intergenerational Income Mobility in Singapore (a) whether similar studies have been carried out yielding data for recent years; (b) whether such studies will be expanded to include mobility in health, wealth and opportunities; and (c) whether there are plans to commission independent bodies to conduct and publish complementary investigations.

Mr Lawrence Wong: MOF economists had done an update of the studies cited and the findings were published in the book, “Economics in Practice: Evidence-Based Policymaking in Singapore”, in December 2021. We will continue to publish relevant papers and indicators on the MOF website.

 The Government also continues to monitor social and other trends, and welcomes researchers and academics to conduct additional studies to further our collective understanding. Researchers who require resources for their studies in this area can consider applying for research grants, such as those administered by the Social Science Research Council.

Ministry of Finance
2 August 2022

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