MP Pritam Singh

Mr Pritam Singh asked the Minister for Sustainability and the Environment (a) as of June 2022, how many licensed plumbers are (i) Singaporeans (ii) permanent residents and (iii) foreigners respectively; (b) of those with such a licence who are non-Singaporeans, what are (i) the top 10 nationalities and (ii) the type of work pass that they hold respectively; and (c) what are the age profiles of all workers with such a licence.

Ms Grace Fu Hai Yien: Licensed plumbers (LPs) form an integral part of Singapore’s water value chain, serving as the touchpoint to customers for their residential and commercial plumbing needs. 

Out of the more than 950 LPs in Singapore, close to 90% are Singaporeans, some 5% are permanent residents, while the remaining LPs are foreigners. Around 70% of the LPs are above the age of 50. 

We do not collect information on the nationalities of non-Singaporean LPs. In terms of work passes, the majority of foreigner LPs are S-Pass holders. 

Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment
1 August 2022

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