MP Jamus Lim

Assoc Prof Jamus Jerome Lim asked the Minister for Defence (a) what is the proportion of non-officer versus officer-level (including Warrant Officers) personnel supported by the Career Transition Resource Centre in assisting their transition from a career in the armed forces; and (b) whether SAF maintains successful placement statistics for non-officer versus officer-level retirees.

Dr Ng Eng Hen: The stipulated retirement age for Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) military officers is 50 and 55 for most warrant officers and specialists. In view of their shorter careers with SAF, MINDEF’s Career Transition Resource Centre (CTRC) supports all such personnel with their transition to a second career upon their retirement from SAF.1

CTRC’s support includes dedicated career coaching by certified in-house career advisors, job referrals and networking events. Supported personnel are also provided funds and time-off to attend courses and seminars, go for job interviews and embark on internships that can serve as a springboard into their sector of interest. These programmes have successfully assisted most personnel in their transitions. For both officers and warrant officers/specialists who intend to continue working after they left SAF, more than 80% were able to secure jobs within six months and 90% within a year.

Note(s) to Question No(s) 5:

1 As for military experts who can work until 60 with SAF, the focus is on strengthening their continuous expertise development and lifelong employability so that they can contribute their expertise, which is relevant to other jobs outside of SAF.  

Ministry of Defence
5 July 2022

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