MP Jamus Lim

Assoc Prof Jamus Jerome Lim asked the Minister for Trade and Industry (a) whether there has been any consideration on re-processing spent nuclear fuel; and (b) whether there is currently any consideration of a threshold purity target for such re-processing.

Mr Gan Kim Yong: The Government has no plans to process nor re-process spent nuclear fuel, nor are such plans currently being considered. One must not put the cart before the horse. The processing or re-processing of nuclear fuel is undertaken only in some of the countries which generate nuclear power, or which have a nuclear industry. Singapore is neither.

 MTI is monitoring developments related to nuclear technologies, and is training personnel and undertaking research in nuclear power and safety. Until such time when we are ready to consider deciding on the use of nuclear power, it will be inappropriate and premature to consider nuclear fuel processing, let alone any purity targets for such fuel.

Ministry of Trade and Industry
4 July 2022

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