COS 2021: Seniors Go Digital

Ms Sylvia Lim (Aljunied): Seniors Go Digital was launched in May last year to help our seniors build digital capabilities. At the parliamentary debate last June, I stated my support for it, but was concerned about seniors who might not be able to make the digital leap. The Minister clarified that the idea was to encourage the adoption of digital solutions, but to keep open the option of using non-digital solutions because there would be some who would still prefer them, or are uncomfortable with the digital part. He also highlighted that cybersecurity was something that would continue to be emphasised in the training programmes with seniors.

Since then, this programme has gained momentum. It was reported that the programme aimed to reach out to 100,000 seniors by this month. There had been roll-outs of low cost mobile phone plans for seniors through a scheme called Mobile Access for Seniors, aimed at the low-income.

To understand the impact of these schemes, could the Ministry clarify the following three aspects? First, what is the kind of reach that IMDA wants to achieve with the targeted 100,000 seniors? Is the KPI geared at the numbers who attend the courses? Or must a certain level of competency be demonstrated? Second, what is the expected number to benefit from the Mobile Access for Seniors scheme? And third, given the escalation of online scams, will the crime prevention aspects of the training be amplified?

Ministry of Communications and Information
2 March 2021

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